ø56x135 (2.5xD) in RVS316L:

Drilling holes in general turning. Tool life improved by 20%.
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ø32x135 (4.5xD) in RVS316L:

Drilling holes in distribution blocks. Production time accelerated by 60% and more than a factor of 10 improved.
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ø20x224 (11xD) in 42CrMo4:

Drilling deep holes in shafts diameter 60mm. Production time accelerated by 33% and tool life increased by more than 25%.
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ø18x366 (20xD) in 7075 Aluminium:

Drilling air channels in a vacuum plate. At Bomacon in Weert (NL), several deep boreholes were successfully carried out on a portal milling machine.
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