ø20x224 (11xD) in 42CrMo4:

Drilling deep holes in shafts diameter 60mm. Production time accelerated by 33% and tool life increased by more than 25%.

For a renowned machine factory in the Netherlands, Becut® inserts were tested one on one against another spade drill with a very positive result.

The 42CrMo4 workpieces off 700N/mm2 tensile strength are shafts of 60x300mm into which 224mm (11xD) deep holes of diameter 20 are drilled. Machining takes place on a Mazak QuickTurn Nexus 350-IIM, the drill holder is clamped with a standard E2 VDI holder.

The Becut® drill plate was tested for performance and toollife with an existing drill holder with spiralised chip grooves. The feed could be increased by 33%. This results in shorter chips, which also creates a more controlled and quieter drilling process. Despite the material being a long chipping material, no chip breaking cycle is necessary due to the high feed. Despite the fact that no pre-centring has been applied, the drill runs quietly in the same conditions as the deep drilling process.

The next improvement step will be with a Becut® HH-1.0-270-W25 drill holder. These have a nickel coating, which results in less cold welding in the chip grooves.

33% faster and more than 25% more tool life!

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