ø32x135 (4.5xD) in RVS316L:

Drilling holes in distribution blocks. Production time accelerated by 60% and more than a factor of 10 improved.

For a renowned machine factory in the Netherlands, the Becut® inserts were tested one on one versus another spade drill with an excellent result.

The workpieces of stainless steel 316L with 600N/mm2 tensile strength are distribution blocks of 400x400mm in which 135mm (4.5xD) deep holes of diameter 32mm are drilled. The processing takes place on a Mazak Nexus 6000 II, the drill holder is fixed in a standard SK50 Weldon holder.

With an existing spade-drill holder with spiralized flute, the Becut® drill insert was tested for performance and tool-life. The feed could be increased by 60%. This results in a better chip evacuation, which also creates a more controlled drilling process. Due to the toughness of the material and still being a long chipping material, a chipbreaking cycle is necessary. 0.6mm drilling and 0.2mm retraction. As a pre-centering, a short spadedrill holder is applied with the same top angle (132gr) so that the drill runs quietly with the same conditions as the drilling process. (Vc 18M/min. a power supply of 0.15mm/rev.)

The next improvement will be with a Becut® PM2-32 drill plate, due to the specific geometry this will provide even more tool life.

60% faster and more than 1000% more stand road!   

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