ø56x135 (2.5xD) in RVS316L:

Drilling holes in general turning. Tool life improved by 20%.

Spade drills are used in a wide range of materials for a company that produces valves and products in large sizes. An endurance test was carried out in RVS316L with 600 Nm tensile strength with a spade drill diameter of 56 mm and a drilling depth of 135 mm.

The starting material is round bar with a diameter of 130mm, which is sawn to rough length beforehand. Machining takes place on a CNC lathe, Gildemeister NEF plus 710. The machine has a limited cooling pressure, so the feed has to be reduced to bring in less heat. The drill holder is fitted with a VDI40 E2 holder.

The tool life was the success factor in this difficult application, we were able to improve it by 20% compared to the current application.

With the current spade drill plates, different qualities were needed. With the Becut® products this client was able to halve his stock because he only needed one quality, the Becut® PS quality.

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