BECUT® SD drilling system

The Becut® SD drills offer a universal drilling system that allows multiple diameters to be used on the same drill holder. For a drilling range from ø13 to ø90mm, only 6 drill holder series are required. These are available as standard in various drilling depths, from 1.5xD to 30xD. BECUT® SD® drills offer a reduction in the cost price per hole due to the low investment.

With only 4 different insert qualities, the BECUT® SD® drilling systems offer ideal process reliability in most materials, both on conventional and CNC machines, both on machines with and without internal cooling, both in stable and unstable conditions.

The standard holders and inserts offer a flexible drilling system for single pieces and (small) series production, for both short and deep hole drilling. Special holders and inserts offer technical solutions for multiphase drilling, complex drilling and for large series.


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